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721 Series - Exhaust Pipes - Triumph

Part Number        Description


721-01            xpipe set, T140D, W/collector

721-T25           xpipes, rigid 5T/6Tw/gen.


721-T25/A         xpipes, rigid 5T/6Tw/alt.  
721-T25/B         xpipes, rigid 5T/6Tw/gen, TJW 721_T25b.jpg (13960 bytes)
721-T39           xpipe, Cub, low, pre63    
721-T41           xpipes, 1955on Tri. 5&6Tw/alt.  
721-T41/A         xpipes, 1955on Tri. 5&6Tw/alt, TJW  
721-T41/D         xpipes, 1955-59 Tri.5&6T w/dynamo 721_T41d_001.jpg (12276 bytes)
721-T43           xpipes, 1957-59 T110 & T120  
721-T43/A         xpipes, alloy T100 721_T43a.jpg (51516 bytes)
721-T43/B         xpipes, alloy T100, TJW 721_T43b_001.jpg (26786 bytes)
721-T43/C         xpipes, 1957-59 T110 & T120, TJW 721_T43c_001.jpg (13239 bytes)
721-T47           xpipes, 59-67 Tri500, no bal   
721-T47/A         xpipes, 59-67 Tri500, no bal, TJW 721_T47a_001.jpg (12785 bytes)
721-T48           xpipes, 60-62 T110/120  
721-T48/A         xpipes, 60-62 T110/120, TJW  
721-T63           xpipes, Tri.650 unit, 1963/4  
721-T64           xpipe, Cub, low, 63on 721_T64.jpg (11588 bytes)
721-T65           xpipe, Cub, high, 63on 721_T65.jpg (6848 bytes)
721-T66           xpipe, Cub, high, pre63  
721-T68           xpipes, Tri.650 unit, no bal 721_T68_001.jpg (12183 bytes)
721-T68/A         xpipes, USmade BUB, as T68  
721-T68/B         xpipes, 1-3/4"od, custom 721T68B.jpg (30130 bytes)
721-T68/B/A       xpipes, 1-3/4"od, custom, slash cut  
721-T68/C         xpipes, Tri.650, orig.type  
721-T68/ER        xpipes, Tri.650 unit, no bal, econo repl  
721-T68/SS        xpipes, Tri.650 unit, no bal, stainless 721T68SS001.jpg (9587 bytes)
721-T72           xpipes, 68 Tri500, no bal, small OD  
721-T72/A         xpipes, USmade BUB, as T72  
721-T72/B         xpipes, 68 Tri500, no bal, lg.OD 721_T72b_001.jpg (12695 bytes)
721-T73           xpipes, 67&68 T100C, high LH 721_T73_001.jpg (12069 bytes)
721-T73X          xpipes, 69on T100C, high, LH  
721-T74           xpipes, 67&68 TR6C, high, LH 721_T74_001.jpg (10544 bytes)
721-T74X          xpipes, 69&70 TR6C, high, LH
721-T77           xpipes, clampon T120 w/bal, 69/70  
721-T77/A         xpipes, clampon T120 w/bal, 69/70, TJW 721_T77a_001.jpg (14631 bytes)
721-T78           xpipes, clampon T100R w/bal, early  
721-T78/A         xpipes, clampon T100R w/bal, early, TJW 721_T78a_001.jpg (12831 bytes)
721-T79           xpipes, clampon T120 w/bal, oilframe  
721-T79/A         xpipes, clampon T120 w/bal, oilframe, TJW  
721-T80           xpipes, clampon T100, w/bal, 1971 721_T80_001.jpg (12041 bytes)
721-T81           xpipes, pushin T100 long W/bal, 1-1/2" 721_T81_001.jpg (13535 bytes)
721-T81/A         xpipes, pushin T100 short w/bal, 1-1/2"  
721-T84           xpipes, pushin Tri650 w/bal  
721-T84/A         xpipes, pushin Tri650 w/bal, TJW 721_T84a_001.jpg (13369 bytes)
721-T85           xpipes, Tri.750 Twin, w/bal  
721-T85/A         xpipe USmade BUB as T85, w/bal  
721-T85/B         xpipes, Tri.750 Twin, no balance  
721-T85/B/A       xpipes, Tri.750 Twin, no bal, TJW  
721-T85/C         xpipes, TR7/140, w/bal, TJW 721_T85c_001.jpg (13739 bytes)
721-T86           xpipes w/manifold, T150, 1-3/8"  
721-T86/A         xpipes w/manifold, T150, 1-1/4"  
721-T86/B         xpipes w/manifold, T150, 1-1/2"  
721-T86/C         xpipes w/man, T150, 1-3/8", factory  
721-T87           xpipe set, T160 Trident  
721-T88           xpipe, pushin T100 short Wbal,1-3/8"  
721-T88/A         xpipe, pushin T100 short Wbal,1-3/8", TJW  
721-T89           xpipes, TR5T, siamese
721-T90           xpipes, clampon T140 w/bal  
721-T90/A         xpipes, clampon T140 w/bal, TJW  
721-T91           USE 721-T88  
721-T92           xpipes, X75 Hurricane 721_T92_001.jpg (14681 bytes)
721-T93           xpipes, Tri. TSS 8vlv, not bal  
721-T94           xpipes, TSX 721T94002.jpg (10753 bytes)
721-T95           xpipes, high, T120C, 1 ea.side 721_T95_001.jpg (10512 bytes)
721-T97           xpipes, T140 clampon, no balance  
721-T97/A         xpipes, T140 clampon, no bal, TJW  
721-T99           x, siamese hi, TR6C, pre60 style  
721-T99A          x, siamese hi, 60on TR6C style  
721-T100 - Exhaust Pipes, Siamese, High, 58on TR5
721-T109 - XPIPES, TRI500 HIGH, 1 EA.SIDE
721-T127/A - Slashcut Exhaust Pipes, Left-Hand High, TR6C
721-702947/2949   x pipes, Triumph TRW army, siamese
721-702985/2987 EXHAUST PIPE SET, TRIUMPH T100, 1950-1953
721-707597        x manifold, Triumph T150  
721-707597/A      x manifold, Triumph T150, TJW  
721-709514        xpipe, Tri.250, high, 1968  
721-709659        xpipe, Tri.250, high, 1969  
721-711178        xpipe, Tri.250, highLH, 1970  
721-714407        collector box, T160 exhaust  
721-717671/7672   xpipes, Tri.TSS 8vlv, balanced style 721_71_7671_7672_001.jpg (14646 bytes)