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Part Number 571-30/C/A

30 inch tach cable for Triumph unit twin and T160, all RH points Commando, Enfield Stage 2 Interceptor, square one end with spade and armouring at the tachometer drive gearbox end.

Britcycle #571-30/C/A replaces Triumph 60-4456, 60-3282, and Norton 06-1118.

Due to current “armoured” replacement speedo and tach cables now having the protective metal covering where fitted looking nothing like original, Britcycle has added exact replicas of the original SMITHS instrument cables to our range for restorers and those who like highest quality products.

These are produced in North America using original SMITHS specification materials and original blueprints, and assembled using SMITHS tooling. We can supply virtually any length and type of custom length speedo or tach cable for a SMITHS or Veglia instruments on a special order basis.