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LED Flasher Unit, Positive & Negative Ground

Part Number 391-35048/A

This Turn Signal Flasher Unit has been designed for use with our LED products. This unit can be setup for use with all motorcycles with either Positive Earth or Negative Ground. This unit has 5 user selectable flash patterns at a push of a button.

Note: Not all flash patterns meets DOT or most 50 States Turn Signal Flash Rate Requirements. Check your local and State laws regarding Turn Signal Flashing Rates for all other “Patterns” offered. The use of the any other flash pattern, other than the 2 supplied approved patterns is at the user/installer's discretion.

User Selectable Flash Patterns

>> Slow Flash, 60 PPM
>> Fast Flash, 90 PPM
>> The Pointer, 3 flashes then "ON"
>> The Wave, 4 flashes then 3 quick
>> Strobe, 2 quick flashes then "OFF"

Product Features

>> Designed for 12-14 VDC operation.
>> User selectable for either Positive or Negative Ground.
>> 5 user selectable flash patterns at a push of a button.
>> Pattern number confirmation at a push of a button (V2.0).
>> Built-in Circuit Protection, also has Fused input.
>> Easy pattern and unit "Resets".
>> Precise microprocessor control.

Kit Contains

>> BTL4E-004 "Pulsar Flasher Unit".
>> Pre-assembly cable assembly.
>> A 1/4" Ring Terminal.
>> Fully Illustrated installation instructions.