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SPARX Solid State Hi-Output Alternator Kit, Replacement

Part Number 333-131/A

This kit consists of a 220 Watt 3 Phase stator, a high output magnetic rotor with markings suitable for British singles, twins, and triples, and a 12V regulator/rectifier powerbox, to replace the stock LUCAS charging system completely while offering much higher output at all engine speeds. This should ensure a well charged battery and allow installation of brighter lights and usage of accessories such as heated clothing, etc. and will work on any alternator equipped British bike where space allows.

Please Note: When using SPARX regulator rectifiers you must use resisted spark plugs as circuitry is sensitive. Using unresisted plugs can cause over charging.

Installation instructions

The Sparx alternator works great and I love it. Thanks for the help."
- Mike from Calgary