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259 Series - Coffee Mugs

Part Number        Description


259-01/AJS     AJS, white


259-01/ARIEL   ARIEL, white  
259-01/BSA     BSA, red letters on white
259-01/BSA/A   BSA, red/silv on wht  
259-01/BSA/B   GOLDSTAR on grey
259-01/BSA/C   BSA guns on wht
259-01/BSA/D   BSA, gold letters on black
259-01/BSA/E   BSA, red letters on black
259-01/BSA/F   BSA, GOLDEN FLASH, logo on yell
259-01/BSA/G   BSA, GOLDSTAR photo on white
259-01/MATCH   MATCHLESS, wh  
259-01/NOR     NORTON, gold on white  
259-01/NOR/A   NORT bl/sil on grey 259_01_nor_a.jpg (15421 bytes)
259-01/NOR/B   NORTON, gold on black 259_01_nor_b.jpg (19290 bytes)
259-01/NOR/C   Norton, Silver/Gold on Black
259-01/OIL     MIN. OIL LEVEL, blk/wht  
259-01/OIL/A   MIN. OIL LEVEL, gold/black
259-01/OIL/B   MIN. OIL LEVEL, white on black  
259-01/RUDGE   RUDGE-WHIT, white  
259-01/SCOTT   SCOTT, white  
259-01/TRI     TRIUMPH, blue/white
259-01/TRI/A   TRIUMPH, red/white
259-01/TRI/B   TRIUMPH, white/blue
259-01/TRI/C   TRIUMPH, gold/black
259-01/TRI/D   TRIUMPH gold on white 259_01_tri_d.jpg (15614 bytes)
259-01/TRI/E   BONNIE on black 259_01_tri_e.jpg (18172 bytes)
259-01/TRI/F   TRIUMPH, gold/wt on black 259_01_tri_f.jpg (18513 bytes)
259-01/TRI/G   TRIUMPH, bl/sil on blue 259_01_tri_g.jpg (19998 bytes)
259-01/TRI/H   TRI Meriden, black on cream
259-01/TRI/J   TRI Meriden, silver on blue  
259-01/TRI/K   TRI Meriden, red on sand
259-01/TRI/L   TRI Daytona, logos on black 259_01_tri_l.jpg (19796 bytes)
259-01/TRI/M   TRI logo, bl w/gold trim, white
259-01/TRI/N   TRI HURRICANE 259_01_tri_n.jpg (22844 bytes)
259-01/VELO    VELOCETTE, white  
259-01/VELO/A    VELOCETTE, Gold on black
259-01/VIN     VINCENT, white  
259-01/VIN/B     HRD, Gold on black