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1973 Norton Commando 850 Roadster

1973 Norton Commando 850 roadster. Matching serial numbers; 300846. Meaning bike is the 846th Norton 850 ever made and was made in March 1973 according to the VIN on the headstock, which was the first month that Norton made them in 1973. Starts first kick, no leaks and purrs like a kitten. It is excellent condition all around and original as they come. I can trace the lineage over the past 30+ years. Sunday driven in good weather only. Mileage; 5939.

Frame up restoration using only original parts over the past couple of years.
7 coats midnight black and 3 coats clear
All metal professionally buffed with highlights left original
Any parts that were not mint, were replaced, hence many, many new parts. A sample;

o Complete Lucas electrical system
o Engine and transmission rebuilt with parts as required.
o All rubber including isolastic mounts
o Non-leak fork seals, shocks, exhaust, collars etc etc
o Avon Roadrunner tires
o Engine and control cables
o Seat and grab assembly
o The only non-original Norton parts:
    o Electronic ignition, Boyer (although I have the original points sets.
    o Stainless oil lines with non return valve.
o Includes Dawco Guardian Weatherall Plus bike cover

My one issue. I stupidly did not latch in the Dzus fastener for the accessory side cover properly on a drive last year and the accessory side over went over the side and was crushed by on trailing traffic. I have the new side cover, metal, UK made for the Norton. What I have not done is paint the side cover. So the option is for you to do the painting/details with a lower bike price or I do it with a higher bike price.

$12,500, I paint the accessory cover, $12,000 you paint the accessory cover

Location Halifax, NS.. Please contact Ian at 902 717-8839 (you may have to leave a message but I will get back to you.